Business Gifts Program

This Business Gifts Program form is aimed at providing you with fresh ideas to reward your employees and/or business partners.

Through the form accessible below you will be able to pre-order for the Christmas Season.

You can download a complete presentation here.

There are limited quantities for each package. 
So hurry up before it's too late ;-) 
This year we only ship to Belgium.

Here is our selection of combinations:

(for men)

The revolution in shaving that reactivates
the Pleasure of Shaving
(for women)

A collection of oil based products carefully selected for the women

 Savonneries Bruxelloises

Since 1926, Les Savonneries Bruxelloises produce state-of-the-art soaps

Basic Box - 20 €
(retail value: 25,90 €)

one El Fidel Starter Kit 
(one 5 blades razor handle + 4 blade cartridges)
one bottle of shaving oil
Small Bag - 12 €
(retail value: 15,90 €)

1 loofah soap
1 natural soap
2 fragrances available (felicity or serenity)

Medium Box - 18 €
(retail value: 22,95 €)

3 soaps of 100g
fragrance available:
Ginger & Lime

Advanced Box - 35 euro
(retail value: 44,80 €)

one El Fidel Starter Kit
(one 5 blades razor handle + 4 blade cartridges)
one bottle of shaving oil
one shaving soap
one safety stick (exclusive)

Medium Bag - 25 €
(retail value: 33,90 €)

1 Death Sea salt peeling
1 bottle of velvet body oil
2 fragrances available

Large Box - 24 €
(retail value: 29,95 €)

3 soaps of 150g
4 fragrances available (pivoine, muguet, black roses, lavande)

Large Bag - 40 €
(retail value: 51,85 €)

1 Death Sea salt peeling
1 massage candle
1 bottle of velvet body oil
 1 extra gift
2 fragrances available

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After completing your pre-order form, a Growth Bridge's representative will be in touch with you.

Thank you for your business.

Note / Disclaimer:
Company gifts to employees can be deducted fiscally (read article in Cash Magazine)
Any submission of this form will be considered as a firm order and will initiate a full order process.
Delivery of the gifts to the company is planned for the week of 13 December. 
Orders made after 3 December 2010 might not be delivered on time for Christmas.
All price are 21% VAT included. Shipping costs not included. 
Delivery after payment has been received.
Terms and Conditions available here.

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